Objects / Objets

Stéphanie Boulard, Ed. Objects/Objets. (Guest editor with introduction) special issue of Dix-Neuf. Spring 2023.

“From Exile to Hugobjects: Victor Hugo or The Glory of a Name.” Objets/Objects, special issue, Dix-Neuf. Spring 2023.


It’s a photograph, a painting, a smell, a color; it’s a rock, a steamboat, or the Eiffel Tower; it’s also a toy, a candy, a myth or even a first name. Living or short-lived thing, trinket, body, substance, or fragrance. It’s about studying how a work – literary, painted, musical, artistic – constructs its variation or motif through objects or otherwise studying what its object is. Understanding the object of a thought, a gesture, a writing to grasp more closely the very object of literature or creative gesture. First, by the objects that inhabit a work or constitute it and are also the reflection of literary, artistic, and scientific innovations that developed in the 19th century; then, by the objects of thought or artistic gesture (aesthetic, philosophical, political); finally, by the objects that make the writer or the artist, which by constructing their image, become the object of study, reproduction, caricature, idolatry, or ridicule themselves. This collection of articles assembled under the Objects/Objets title deploys, like a fan, all the curious, always unpredictable, connections that the writers, artists, and scientists of the 19th century maintain with creation: objects in the work / objects of the work.